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Marketing Case Study: Positioning Budweiser SOMMAIRE PART 1 : Situation Analysis 1- The Environment p 3 2- The Industry p 4 3- The Company p 5 4- Marketing Strategy p 6 PART 2: The solution A- Recognition of the problem p 8 B- Analysis of the different alternatives p 9 1- Domestic Strategy 2- Foreign Strategy PART I: Situation analysis I The Environment According to the Budweiser¡¦s file, we can find some of the Opportunities and threats that Anheuser-Busch has to face nowadays. Opportunities Threats „« AB is the Biggest brewer in the USA and globally. „« It had 50% on the US market share in 2001. „« Increasing number of international sales, which is also accelerating. „«…show more content…
„« Another weakness is the fact that the use of Budweiser name by AB is not right because it isn¡¦t an appellation of origin. IV Marketing Strategy Anheuser-Busch has divided his marketing objectives geographically: it has to consider first the US domestic market, then the international market as one market and not an association of many country¡¦s markets. For the domestic market In the US market, Budweiser has mainly to deal with competition. To keep on being a market leader, Budweiser insists on innovating, by launching new products (like the ice beer Bud Ice and dry beer) or new tastes. The main target of Budweiser is younger, white blue collar men, who are between 18- and 24-year old. Budweiser is clearly targeting young people that drink beer while hanging out at home, watching sport at TV. But this target is not realistic as it seems that most Budweiser¡¦s buyers are older than this target. It used to be a good target, but the target population got older, and now the positioning of the Budweiser¡¦s Big Red is not adapted anymore. Budweiser has been for age a popular brand in the USA, as a consequence it is seen a ¡¥classical¡¦ beer. Budweiser is a mass-market beer that suits to everybody; it is a ¡§safe back-up buy for hosts uncertain what guest will want¡¨1. Considering the population Budweiser is targeting, we could say Budweiser is positioning as an everyday beer for young white working men. Also, as Budweiser is an old

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