Positioning Maps in Marketing: Cruiser Thorr Motorcycles Case Study

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CRUISER THORR 6 Positioning maps in marketing: Simulation Phase I: Current market position Situation Cruiser Thorr Motorcycles have long had an esteemed reputation in the heavyweight motorcycle market. But the company's most loyal patrons, who grew up viewing Cruiser Thorr as synonymous with quality, are gradually aging out of these types of motorcycles. Younger consumers are more interested in lighter-weight motorcycles which are cheaper and more in keeping with their budgets and current trends within the industry Recommendations Currently, Thorr's price, lifestyle image, product design, and lack of service offerings are not commensurate with the needs of the coveted 25-35 year old demographic. Thorr must make substantive efforts to change these perceptions while still holding fast to a carefully built brand image within the wider industry. It must reposition itself without fundamentally tarnishing its reputation. It must hold onto its shrinking base of older customers but expand its outreach to the exploding market of younger consumers. Results A SWOT analysis reveals that although Thorr does have a strong brand image and appeal amongst antique collectors, it falls short in many critical segments, including price, lifestyle image, safety, services, and other practical as well as image-related considerations for younger consumers. It must change to survive in both the long-term and the short-term. Phase II: Introducing the RRoth Situation Cruiser Thorr has

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