Positioning: Marketing and Product

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Brand Positioning

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Contents Introduction 2 Process of Positioning 3 Strategies of Positioning 5 Positioning by Product attributes 5 Positioning by Quality 5 Positioning by Price 6 Positioning by User Category 7 Positioning by Use 8 Positioning by Competitor 9 Positioning by Celebration 10 Positioning Errors: 11 1. Under-positioning 11 2. Over Positioning 11 3. Confused positioning 12 4. Doubtful positioning 12 Repositioning 13 Depositioning 14 Measuring the Positioning 15 Perceptual mapping 15 Multidimensional scaling (MDS) 16 Conjoint Analysis 17 Logit Analysis 18 Positioning of a leader 19 Positioning of a
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Sony Sony is one of the world’s leading manufacturers for consumer electronics and broadcast & professional products. Established for more half a decade, Sony is known for it innovative and high quality products.
Positioning by Price Positioning can be based on either high price or low price. With low price positioning you sell your product cheaper than your competitor. On the contrary position based on high price sell their product at a high price. Many luxury brands use this position. People associate high price with quality and exclusivity.
McDonald’s with its campaign “Purane Zamane Ke Daam” emphasized on less price .
Big Bazaar
Big Bazaar always emphasizes on priced of the products. As visible from its tag line it claims to offer the lowest prices for the products.
Sonata Watches
Sonata is the 'Value for Money ' watch brand from Titan Industries Ltd.
Sonata, India 's largest selling watch brand, offers stylish looks at affordable prices. The thoughtfully crafted designs encompass the aspirations of young India. The boldness and uniqueness of each design reflects the confidence of the wearer.
Nirma is customer focussed company laying emphasis on the cost effectiveness. Nirma is a phenomenon and synonymous with Value for Money. Nirma was positioned as a low cost detergent powder.
Tata Nano
The Tata Nano is a low-cost, rear-engine, four-passenger city car built
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