Positioning Strategies With The Amazon Fire Pc

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Positioning Strategies with the Amazon Fire PC: “The term positioning refers to placing a brand in that part of the market where it will receive a favorable reception compared with competing products. Because the market is heterogeneous, one brand cannot make an impact on the entire market. As a matter of strategy, therefore, a product should be positioned so that it stands apart from competing brands” (Moutinho, 2008). Amazon has past proven successful experience in positioning strategies when speaking of Amazon Prime, or the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. In comparison, when Amazon released the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet again top competitor Apple and their IPad; the company landed into a market that is steadily increasing. Consumers, nowadays, have a range of selections when it comes to shopping for tablets and PC’s; which ultimately gives them higher bargaining power. More so, given Amazon’s strong brand and popular website aligned the company and the Kindle in appropriate position to be a competing force to reckon with (Pawlicki, 2012). With the introduction of the Amazon Fire PC into the target audience of millennials (both in educational and business markets) the company has options in regards to positioning strategies. One of the more predominant strategies stands true to Amazon’s past products and releases; and that is a low-price strategy, where we are offering “premium products but not at premium prices.” The second position strategy is the uniqueness strategy of the

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