Positioning Strategy Of Prezzo Restaurants

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It has great service and world best pizza dough (Prezzorestaurants.co.uk, 2017). Prezzo restaurant is well known in Uk. It has 280 restaurants in UK (Prezzorestaurants.co.uk, 2017). They provide high quality lunch, dinner and drinks. It is in one of the famous locations. As near amazing beaches of Bournemouth and it has impressive structure (Prezzorestaurants.co.uk, 2017). They have fantastic views to attract more customers. The quality of food and service is excellent. Positioning strategies (Lovelock, Vandermerwe and Lewis, 1999). Positioning relates to developing a concept that will be meaningful distinction for customer. Service focused Positioning refers to how the business relate the important benefits of the industry to the customers (Smallbusiness.chron.com, 2017). There should be an effective positioning strategy designed to analyse both opportunities and threat to the firm in the competitive market place (Lovelock, Vandermerwe and Lewis, 1999). Market focus relates to which a firm serves few or more markets whereas service focus determines the extent to which an industry offers few or more services. Four focus strategies (Palmer, 2011) Fully focused Unfocused Market focus Fully focused business provides a very limited type of services to a narrow and specific market segment (Palmer, 2011). A market focus firm focus on a narrow market segment but provides wide range of services. Whereas service focus industry provides a narrow range of services to a broad

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