Positioning Strategy of Monster Energy

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As energy drink is yet a part of developing and new industry therefore Audience and Company Objectives are targets of Monster. The market of energy drink like monster energy is quite different from some other beverage industries. Monster energy drinks have become trendy part of society, but as some think the targeted market is unrestrained, wide or varied but it is not like that. In soon energy drink history, Athletes were the primary consumer when energy drinks were initially being sold in USA. This demonstrates that even primarily energy drinks were directed at a selected mass, a group of individuals with particular interests. Even though energy drinks’ consumer base has now prolonged beyond that of merely athletes, the target market is…show more content…
As per the census in 2007 in US by US Census Bureau, this number is about 80 million. Hansen 's Monster Energy drinks offer giant doses has high amount of sugar and caffeine in big black cans ornamented with claw marks in neon colours. Monster energy drinks’ scary packaging with a number of extreme sports sponsorships, positions it as an biggest competitor to Red Bull in such a fast emerging market worth $2 billion a year. Hansen got energized by Monster energy’s monster has monster energy’s slogan is “Unleash the beast”. The company got more than double sales since when it got introduced in April, 2002. In the year of 2005, Hansen got $20 million on sales of $180 million; however profit on sales of $80 million was just $3 million in the year 2001. Since then sales are getting more in turn gaining more profit. Due to such results, Hansen is able to earn high spot on BusinessWeek 's annual ranking of Hot Growth Companies. Objective of Monster Energy is as Hansen has pushed the Monster brand with guerrilla marketing. Monster Energy’s team of ambassadors provide samples of monster energy drinks at different events, concerts and beach parties. Motocross, skateboarding competitions and surfing are being sponsored by Monster Energy. Hansen Company’s network of 300 independent distributors supplement the products in black monster vans by restocking specially designed racks in
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