Positioning and Brand Loyalty

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Positioning and Brand Loyalty Shelane Edie SRM 410: Contemporary Issues in Sports Marketing & Management Date: December 03, 2012 This is assignment is to demonstrate and summarize three sports products that have a large or high degree of brand loyalty. Shank, 2009 said, “Fixing a sports entity in the minds of consumers in the target market. I choose Nike, Spalding and Life fitness gym/sports equipment(s). These sports product(s) that is identify demonstrate high degree of brand loyalty to its customer(s). Word of mouth plays a vital role in the increase of brand loyalty towards sports product. With these sports products living up to their customers’ expectation ad performance level, tend to boost the brand loyalty in the…show more content…
Over the years Spalding as pickup a lot of customers until it became famous and know for its never-flat game ball use in different sports games. Comparing Spalding products to other ball that one could choose to use, its cost effective, durable and know for its performances. Therefore, it leave its customers satisfy at all time. As I look at each sport products identify above, each serve different purpose in the sports industry, but thing they have in common is the best interest of their customers. This is the main reason; they have managed in to stay in business for such a long time and still tend to attract both existing and new customers. As a manager for Nike, I would ensure that all products are meeting customers expectation, ensure efficient marketing research is conducted to keep customer interesting as new products and designs are introduce to the market, practice product and product differentiation is put into consideration at all time, so customer doesn’t feel as if they are getting or buying the same product over and over. As a manager for Spalding, I would encourage more endorsement and scholarship for high school and college athletic players and create new and unique ideas of different sports products that customers would prefer. As for Lifefitness sports equipment I think to improve its customers experience and satisfaction is to add yearly inspection on their products to prevent injuries and to ensure equipment’s are fully functioning. All
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