Positioning of Absolut Vodka

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Absolut Positioning.

This report will describe the concept of positioning, effective positioning and its relation to segmentation. It will analyse the positioning of Absolut vodka in its market share. In this report the relevant positioning criteria will be identified and appropriate positioning maps to support the analysis will be used. In addition, suggestions on how to improve and develop the Absolut’s positioning will be given as well.
In order to apply the relevant academic theory to the positioning of Absolut Vodka brand the definition and idea of positioning concept needs to be identified.
Adcock, Halborg and Ross (2001) provide the positioning definition made by Ries and Trout that say that it is ‘what happens in the mind of
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Marketing mix in case with Absolut:
Promotion is the ‘business of communicating with customers’ – The Times 100.
In order to promote the brand Absolut releases the limited bottle editions, creative ads etc.
One of the famous brand’s features is bottle’s shape that is shown in creative, humorous and trendy manner.
Also, there is much attention paid to Sweden culture, history and background of vodka.
Additionally, there is no doubt that company emphasises on quality of Absolut using high technologies, sources and products in order to maintain its status of super premium spirit.
As it was mentioned, price is very high compared to other vodka manufacturers. However, Absolut is targeting the certain segment of people that are willing and ready to pay more for status drink.
The Times 100 explains that 'place is concerned with various methods of transporting and storing goods, and then making them available for the customer. Getting the right product to the right place at the right time involves the distribution system.’
According to www.absolut.com there are famous Ice bars in London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Tokyo under Absolut brand. This fact again supports the idea that Absolut is not a drink but lifestyle.
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