Positiv Dr. Dre: The Influence Of Music On Society

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Music Analysis In today’s society, music controls the way we live our lives. The influence that music has on society has broadened throughout the years and with social media being one of the world’s top priority, the fan base and spectrum for music in general has expanded significantly. Music is used to express feelings, moods, circumstances, experiences, knowledge, and so much more. With this being the case, the lyrics of any song can be interpreted differently by each and every listener. Many song lyrics give positive messages, promoting well-being, whiles others give negative messages, promoting violence, criminal behaviors, sexual contents, and disrespect towards others. With this being said, music reflects what the public demands, and in many cases the negative messages are often times what sells more than those music giving positive messages.…show more content…
Dre has produced songs that not only lashes out at women and police officers, he lashes out at enemies, sending threats, and suggesting violent acts as a way for revenge. Although many of these lyrics are true feelings of the musician, they encouraged and promoted violence a way to seek revenge on a person, no matter who they are but because of what they have done. Dr. Dre has had many rivalry with people in which whom he grew up with and others who he worked with and many of these rivalry stems from gang-related incidents. This is the major problem presented in the genre of these two musicians, “Rap”. In this genre, musicians’ loyalty are tested based on where they come from and what they have to offer.
Music has had an influence on society from the very beginning of musical history. The message portrayed in each genre is based on what society perceives and wants to listen. Musicians often times produce music that sells and this sometimes are only beneficial to their pockets and in turn creates havoc in society. People interpret music differently and this causes them to react a certain way to different
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