Positive Advantages Of Millennials Staying Home During College

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Advantages of Millennials Staying Home during College
For all generations, including millennials, the majority of students seeking a post-secondary degree have the traditional college experience. The traditional college experience includes students that live on campus in a dormitory. Millennials take longer than past generations to become independent and reach adulthood because they are still living with their parents. Many positive factors lead millennials to stay home: cheaper living expenses, less stress, and the ability to focus on their education. There are also many advantages for millennials living at home for college over millennials living in a dorm. Living at home allows students to focus on schoolwork instead of maintaining a dorm or other distractions. Parents can teach their children responsibilities and aid with their college work while they stay at home. While millennials who move out experience independence at an earlier age, they pick up negative habits such as addictions that hinder their chance of being successful. Millennials who live at home during college have a greater advantage over students moving out because they will have superior education, financial security, responsibility, and no harmful habits to become successful and prosperous individuals.
Additionally, millennials staying at home during college instead of living independently is an advantage over living alone because these millennials will eventually become autonomous, successful

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