Module 1 Assignment

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Lesson 1
Lesson Part Activity Description/ Teacher does Students do

Informal Assessment of Prior Learning

(Sequence Start) Before the class arrives to the room, have the Smart Board set up for the Google Slides presentation, and handouts printed out.

At the beginning of the lesson, show the slides of the presentation. For each image, have the students come up to Smart Board to circle the objects that they see. Be sure to give different students a chance to circle the objects, as some students see different objects than others. Come up to Smart Board to circle objects. Students take note of the objects that they do not see.

Title Lesson 1: Positive and Negative Space in Logos
Standards Content Standard(s): NJCCCS
Visual Arts 1.1.12.D.1 – Distinguish innovative applications of the elements of arts and principles of design in visual artworks from diverse cultural perspectives and identify cross cultural themes

Visual Arts 1.4.12.A.2 – Speculate on the artist’s intent, using discipline-specific arts terminology and citing embedded clues to substantiate the hypothesis

Visual Arts 1.4.12.B.2 – Evaluate how an artist’s technical proficiency may affect the creation or presentation of a work of art, as well as how the context in which a work is performed or shown may impact perceptions of its significance/meaning.

Central Focus Students demonstrate and show use of space, contrast, and balance while creating an original idea that displays the use of positive and negative
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