Positive And Negative Aspects Of The Lgbt Community

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The LGBT community, a small, often marginalized group, has few sources of influence to their direction and path. It is common in our 21st century society for those discovering themselves to mimic and embody the characteristics with which they observe. When children grow up, they look up to the diverse group of individuals and ideas surrounding them. As a person explores their formative years they seek out groups with which they have something in common. They are drawn to the lifestyles with which they identify most. It is in this association that many traits and behaviors from these groups start be emulated. Taking this relatively simple concept, I will apply this to theatre and infer whether there are any positive or negative effects pertaining to gay themes found on stage.
Further elaborating on the connection between formative years of discovering one’s self, we will find that our society has a desire to place designators and identifiers on people. This acts as a quick and easy way to categorize an individual and assess a slew of presumed things in categories ranging from economic status, religious affiliation, sex, criminality, intelligence, physical capabilities, social standing to many more. Regardless of the reasons for boxing people into a specific category, the dominant signifiers seem to greatly influence the trajectory of one’s identifiable categories. When humans are forming their self-identity they tend to place themselves in a box that society has deemed as…
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