Positive And Negative Benefits Of The Ir In The Modern World

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Perhaps the most rapid and important time period in human history the industrial revolution changed the course of our history and, our socio economic problems the modern world faces today. No doubt if the IR(industrial revolution) had not occurred our modern world would look drastically different, for better and for worse. Although the IR had many negative developments and impacts on our world the benefits outweigh the negative impacts to prove that the IR is a benefit to us today. Many historians and scholars argue that the state of our modern world is in direct correlation with what our ancestors left behind in the form of the IR. They point to negative impacts such as loss of farming, adverse living conditions, environmental impacts, and low pay with poor working conditions. However when you begin to look more in depth at these points that are raised we are now farming way more efficiently, and many of these problems such as living conditions, low pay in bad conditions, and heavy environmental impact have been drawn back through social reform enacted by the government and these begin to be seen as moot points that do not have much reference to our current condition.Many of the drawbacks of the IR can be seen as small effects of what the IR did to human advancement. One positive impact of the IR is the quality of life that was massively improved by the IR. The IR led to better health care, education, more money available, and nutrition benefits as a result. These
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