Positive And Negative Consequences Of Globalization

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As millennials we could not fathom ourselves without Wi-Fi nor without a cell phone in our pocket. However, if it were not for globalization we would not possess any of the things that we have to this day. Yet, what are the consequences of globalization and how do they affect different parties? One must inquire about these concerns because it is necessary to understand both positions in order to be aware of the positive and the negative stance that globalization takes. Also there should be awareness in the policies that have arose based on globalization. Sachs, mentions that there is no singular remedy that servers every country equally because different countries are presented with different factors in their illnesses. However, everyone…show more content…
Although many wanted a small governing body Hamilton was right to use government planning to help the economy of the United States to rise as it has until the day. Hamilton’s approach was not a complete interference by the government rather it was a push to help the small industries take off as well as help those who were still dependent on agriculture. Furthermore, one would think that America was set and this is how it became the world’s example to follow. However, times change and many more ideas had to flourish and different conflicts had to arise, therefore different medications had to be administered to the economy in order to continue flourishing. Hence, the idea of liberalization was imposed to allow the economy to expand. Through government planning the United States gave free land during the Homestead Act as well as free corporations that we privately owned and ran. This concept exactly sets strains on the economy itself. This idea of free corporations led to problems quickly although one would never think such corporations would grow and become a threat. Companies were given the green light to do as they pleased in order to succeed and there was no way for the government to interfere if the company was for example monopolizing a sector. Soon after there was a call for once again a change in the government. The change came with President
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