Positive And Negative Criticism Of My Work Performance

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No matter what job you may have there will come a time where your work will be evaluated. It is nearly close to impossible for you to have a career that doesn’t give you either positive or negative feedback. No matter what you may believe your work performance is always being evaluated either by our supervisors, coworkers, and most definitely the customer. You will learn how to accept both positive and negative criticism through some very easy to steps. I have always admired people who can take criticism. It always seems that whatever is said to them is like water on a ducks back. They always seem to know the right things to say and still maintain their composure. Unfortunately that isn’t true for most of us. Then there are those of who…show more content…
This gives your brain enough time to process the situation. It also gives you enough time to stop dismissive facial expression says the Muse. You automatically look calm and so professional. The second thing you would want to do is remember the benefit of getting feedback. This a chance for you to improve upon your skill so you can be more valuable to your company. This will also help you meet the expectation that your mangers and others have for you. The Muse also states that you should also try to curtail any reaction you’re having to the person who is delivering the feedback. It can be challenging to receive criticism from coworkers, a peer, or someone that you fully don’t respect, but remember, accurate and constructive feedback comes from even flawed sources states the Muse. The third thing you want to do is listen for Understanding. You’ve avoided your typical reaction, your brain is working, and you’ve recalled all the benefit of feedback. When the person is sharing feed back to you listen closely. Allow them to share his or her complete thought without interruption. When he or she is done repeat back what she said says the Muse. Avoid analyzing or questioning the person assessment; instead just focus on understanding his or her comment and perspective. It’s difficult to give feedback to another person. Recognize that the person giving you feedback may be nervous or may not express their ideas perfectly, says the muse. The fourth
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