Positive And Negative Effect Of Diversity On Diversity

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As the perspectives on diversity’s impact diverge, scholars have acknowledged the need to understand the circumstances in which diversity can be either beneficial or detrimental to teams (Pieterse et al., 2013). In this study, we have shown that there are positive and negative effects of diversity on change and performance. As explained in section 1, Kuntz et al. (2012) put forward that dispositional variables such as individual-level background and personality play a role in the cognitive interpretation of change and its acceptance. Self-efficacy is a widely cited personality factor related to change acceptance and commitment (Paglis and Green, 2002). Research demonstrates that the employee’s acceptance and commitment to the change depends on the employee’s perception of his/her own capacity to respond to the change transition (Cunningham et al., 2002; Rafferty and Simons, 2006; Wanberg and Banas, 2000). According to Judge et al. (1999), research in organizational change has been considering change related issues such as the role of senior management, resistance to change and leadership style without considering the effect of personality traits which are equally decisive to its success. They claim that individual differences and dispositional variables, as self-efficacy and openness to experience impact individual attitude (satisfaction and commitment) and the ability to cope with change. Salgado (2003) indicate that personality attributes predict job performance and job…
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