Positive And Negative Effects Of Authoritarian Parenting On Filipino Children Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the positive and negative effects of authoritarian parenting on Filipino children. Authoritarian parenting accounts for a child’s good school performance, but also for their lower self-esteem and low social skills. However, this parenting style can be more favorable to collectivistic groups who care about the group’s appearance and reputation, and even to ethnic minorities because they may need more self-control to prevent giving someone a reason to harass them. Authoritarian parenting is relevant to me because my parents raised my two sisters and me with different parenting styles each; and it appears that they grew to be more lenient with each child. I want to further understand how my parents’ choice to be stricter on my older sister, in order to control her wild personality, influenced how she behaves now. The Effects of Authoritarian Parenting on Filipino Children Parents are often blamed for their children’s behaviors, like how coaches are criticized for their player’s performances on game day. There is substantial evidence that how parents raise their children can influence their child’s success professionally, socially, and even health-wise (Selin, 2013). Environment is only one part of the reciprocal determinism triad (Bandura, 1986 as cited in Boyd & Bee, 2012), but it is still important to understand how this type of parenting will help influence a child. How can a “harsh” parenting style like authoritarian benefit a child?
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