Positive And Negative Effects Of Birth Control

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As technology continues to advance there’s one field of medical science that has not seen much change since the late 70s and that is different forms of birth control. Recently healthcare has become a pressing issue in America often becoming politicized and more than often women’s health care is affected by religions viewpoints. If all these preconceived notions were removed from the topic of women’s health care and birth control became free and widely assessable how could this positively and negatively affect American society and women’s health which is the objective of this paper.
Since the introduction of birth control, there have only been two different forms of preventing fertilization such as the barrier method which prevents the sperm from reaching the egg or the second type which prevents ovulation from even occurring in the first place (Watkins, 2012). Although there have been different methods of birth control created, they are simply just a new form of getting hormones into the female body. The pill which is the most commonly used form of hormonal birth control was first introduced in the 1960s and by the 1973 one third of the female population was using it (Watkins, 2012). Companies such as Yaz and Dalkon Sheild IUD have dealt with several lawsuits and recalls with their products for misleading information or the deformities in their children One concern of providing free birth control is age, like what age should would they start providing these services, and
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