Positive And Negative Effects Of Dictatorships

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I have always found the human need for power and domination interesting, which is why I choose it for the Research Project. I am interested about how the Dictatorial style of government affects the overall growth of the humanities globally. My goal for this project is to research and understand the positive and negative effects of dictatorships on the academic growth as well as growth in the humanities. There are clear negative effects like the loss of literature in countries such as Germany, where specific types of book from certain eras were burned. In addition to that there are positives such as leaders focusing on education more than other areas of government spending. The paper that would be written using the information gathered through research on this topic would be persuasive, arguing that though there are some positive effects, dictatorships have an overall negative impact on intellect and the humanities.
My working research question is: Are the net effects of dictatorships on the areas of the humanities including art and literature as well as academics as a whole positive or negative? My corresponding thesis statement is: On the grounds of global loss of art and literature as well as suffering academics, dictatorships have a negative effect on the country they govern as well as the world as a whole. I will research historical occurrences of dictatorships globally. In addition to that I will research the effects on academics in specific countries. I will also
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