Positive And Negative Effects Of Gender Stereotyping

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Throughout society there are many different cultural and social perceptions that allow people to form judgmental beliefs about society. Encompassed within these perceptions are stereotypes and prejudice. Stereotypes and prejudice are examples of categorizations of people which allow our brains to fill in the types or interactions that may happen with people. There are different positive and negative forms of stereo types and prejudice that effect our interaction with individuals resulting in judgmental affliction upon individuals or groups. This essay will analyze and provide examples of the positive and negative effects of gender stereotyping and prejudice. Stereotyping can come in many different forms and have many different subjects. One form of stereotyping is of gender. Just about everyone holds stereotypes of women and men – some positive and some negative. Women are more empathic and talkative; men are more competent and aggressive. For example, are women really “more empathic” than men? Which women? Empathic toward whom? When women’s and men’s actual behavior is observed systematically under a variety of conditions, the sexes do not differ in having feelings of empathy or in its expression (book, p. 365). Social pressures influence how we conform to these stereotypes, however it does create a problem when people are victimized by the negative stereotypes of their gender or group. There are different connotations that can be identified when stereotyping: positive, women are better caregivers and men are better breadwinners or money makers. These positive connotations can be taken negative towards the other gender or even their own gender – men can be caretakers too and women can make money. In the early 1900’s there was a high discrimination towards women, women entering the work force worked in factory lines, while men worked management which resulted in lower pay for women kept the men in charge. Over the years gender roles have taken a turn and there is now a significant increase with women working and taking on management roles. Roles in society are different between genders and those differences either positive or negative will hopefully diminish after time.

Prejudice often
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