Positive And Negative Effects Of Genetically Modified Foods

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If you shop at a normal grocery store, it is likely the food you eat has been modified. Many of these unnaturally altered foods come from what is known as GMOs, which stands for genetically modified organisms. These are organisms, such as plants and animals, whose DNA has been changed and has had genes transferred or altered. Genetically modified foods, also known as GM foods, is what is created by these GMOs. While it may seem beneficial at first to genetically improve our foods, there are many negative effects that people may not initially notice. One of the most impactful side effects is the harm caused to the environment. The consumption of these GM foods is also known to cause moral, as well as many health problems in society. Lastly, the mass production and cheap cost of GM foods severely hurts farmers who grow and sell natural crops. As we take a look behind the scenes of GM foods, we will see how they are negatively affecting millions of people across the globe. The biggest consequence of GM foods will be the long lasting moral effects on society, as well as the harm it causes the environment. Genetically changing these crops has altered the way in which the interact with their surroundings. They are known it act as a meditator and transfer their genes to surrounding weeds, creating an overpopulation of these unwanted plants. GMOs have now created what is known as “superweeds”, which are becoming resilient. In order to control these weeds, there has been an
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