Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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After debating whether social media has a positive or negative effect on teens, it has been concluded that social media has a negative impact on the developing teenager. Social media can be a great tool at times, by being a means to communicate with friends, classmates, and family members; It can also help spread your ideas, hobbies and life experiences. But after reading the article Studies Offer Mixed Messages On Social Media’s Effects On Young People, By The Baltimore Sun, it explains how social media has a negative effect on teens by causing them to compete (to have a better social media feed), change their body to fit into society (the ideal body shape) and the way it can makes someone feel. Social Media has a huge impact on a teens life since they are bombarded with the pressures of buying new devices and apps, thus affecting the way teens represent themselves on social media. In the article, It states how teens are driven to compete against each other by, trying to have best social media feed. “Parents wonder if their children’s constant use of Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat is healthy. Teenagers talk about the pressure to post the perfect photo or compete with the perfect lives their peers present on the Internet.” (Baltimore Sun, para. 2). The pressures of wanting to post the perfect pictures of their lives on social media, takes a toll on the teens when they are using it. Instead of posting what is true to that person, they are competing to have the best pictures and the most followers, which causes them to lose their true selves/identity. Social media has a huge impact on a teen’s impressionable minds, since teens are bombarded with the pressures of buying the newest devices and apps; But not only does social media pressure teen’s to buy these items, it also pressures them to have the “Perfect Body”. In today’s society we have been influenced by celebrities and the media’s ideas of what the “Perfect Body” is. Whenever we go on our favorite apps, you are bound to find an ad featuring a popular celebrity (or model), posing with a waist shapers (or FitTea) (and/or photoshopped to a point where they are unrecognizable); (When teens see this, this makes teens think differently about
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