Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Networking Addiction

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Today’s youth have a strong attachment to the online world. Many adolescents spend most of their time online versus offline. Therefore, one can consider these adolescents as a social network addicts, people who spends a fair amount of time on one or many social media. Throughout the three articles, “Social Networking Addiction: An Overview of Preliminary Findings” by Mark Griffiths, “Social Network Sites: Definition, History, and Scholarship” by Nicole B. Ellison and “Taking Risky Opportunities in Youthful Content Creation: Teenagers’ use of Social Networking Sites for Intimacy, Privacy, and Self-expression” by Sonia Livingstone, show how this addiction has changed people’s communication with each other in society. While there are…show more content…
It decreases the ability for a group of workers to act and feel like a team in the work place when they do not see each other. Social networking increases the ability to reconnect with old friends or distant family members. Many suggest that social networking sites help “maintain existing offline relationships” (Ellison 221) with others. Many social sites keep old connections and offer people the opportunity to become close with them once again. However, social networking does decreases the sentimental connection between family members as people are communicating through messaging networks instead of reuniting with them offline. Despite, social networking being easier to communicate with others, it affects a person’s offline skills. Social sites are a beneficial way to share information communicate, however, interacting this way affects a person’s face to face communication skills. Many people spend much of their leisure time online rather than connecting with the offline world. In a specific article, a participant spends several hours each day updating her profile instead of talking face to face with others (Livingstone 399). Being online more decreases people’s abilities to interact with others while offline. Communicating online can contribute to misunderstanding caused by misinterpreting a text or misread emotions of a person on the other end. Therefore, social networking reduces the
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