Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology

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Siri, Alexa, video games, smart cars, online customer support, security surveillance, Spotify, Pandora, Netflix. All of these applications are similar in one way: they’re all artificial intelligence. And whose to say it might take over the world one day. Our generation today has essentially grown up around the use of technology. By a young age, most children are able to work through a phone or computer/tablet to get the solution they need. This type of technology is right at our fingertips each and every day, allowing people to find and answer in a short amount of time. It is efficient, but is that always a good thing? Machines these days are taking over and they are everywhere you look. Many are being used very wisely, but some are being used in a feeble minded way. Many argue that by using artificial intelligence it will hurt our lives tremendously. However, the use of this global machinery clearly shows that it will give us a more prosperous and healthy lifestyle. People today are immersed in technology and pretty much know what is going on all around them. From a young age, most of us can recall using some form of technology in our household while growing up. While being able to grow up around this source, many people will say that it has affected their lives greatly. An example would be that technology is right at your fingertips. Having this with easy access, allows people to be able to search things on demand. This mainly helps with children in schools or when
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