Positive And Negative Effects Of Technology

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Technology is a very controversial topic in our modern day world. Because of the controversy of the inclusion of technology in the education system, the overuse and abuse of technology, and how it is affecting the way we behave and think in the world, various authors and producers over the years have commented about the increasing use and incorporation of technology in today’s world through their work. Many authors have very different views on the topic, some such as Ann Woo and Vannear Bush argue that technology is a positive addition to our society, where other influential individuals such as Neal Gabler, Nicholas Carr, and Charlie Brooker each argue that technology is having a negative influence on our society and will in the future…show more content…
The teachers must be sure to organize the prompts in a manner that forces individuals to think outside the box, get creative, and not simply reiterate what the read. Thinking creatively plays a major role in the reasoning behind people’s reluctance to the increase in technology in society.
Carr as well as other authors and producers are in agreement that technology has a far worse impact on society in modern day today. And not only is creative thinking important, but to build off of what Carr spoke about in his article Is Google Making Us Stupid, Neal Gabler wrote an article called The Elusive Big Idea, which also comments on the negative impact that technology has on the ability of humans to process and develop information on a topic. He comments on how in the past “we collected information not simply to know things…[and] collected information to convert it into something larger than facts and ultimately more useful.” He uses this reference to the past to show how it affects the future, or us today. In modern age society we now don’t read “to truly comprehend [the world], which is the primary function of ideas,” but read to gain information for a split second, apply the knowledge, then forget the information and move on to a new topic.
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