Positive And Negative Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Times
Have you ever thought about what life was like back in Europe during the 1750s-1830s? Did it include horses and very tight houses? Or trains and palaces? Well chances are doing these times you would see both. During the Industrial Revolution everything changed. The Industrial Revolution was a period in which rural societies in Europe became urban and industrial. It biggest change in Europe’s society during this time. Throughout this time there were many different innovations that took place. Some were positive and some were negative. The Industrial Revolution marked a shift in society and how they did things. Some factors of the Industrial Revolution is the working conditions and wages, child labor, role of women, conditions in coal mines, urbanization, education, and modernized buildings and inventions. After the revolution many aspects were different, but were they different for the better or worse? There were many positive and negative effects that came from the Industrial Revolution.

One of the positive effects that came from the Industrial Revolution is modern buildings and inventions. The rise in population forced the developers to build homes for the many people moving to the city. Urban middle class people lived in homes that screamed wealth. The upper class built their homes west of the factories in order to separate themselves from the poor and so that the factories smokestacks would blow away from them. Not only were there new
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