Positive And Negative Empathy

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Research Article Review In the research article, “Empathizing with Other Peoples’ Pain Versus Empathizing with Others’ Joy: Examining THE Separability of Positive and Negative Empathy and Their Relation to Different Types of Social Behaviors and Social Emotions,” researchers Michael Andreychik and Nicole Migliaccio examine both positive and negative empathy, the effect both have on an individual and the distinct capacities that each have on different types of social behaviors. Researchers deliver a series of questionnaires to participants, expecting that “Positive and negative empathy represent distinct—albeit related—constructs that predict different types of social behaviors and social emotions” (Andreychik, & Migliaccio, 2015, para 2). The main goal of the research is to observe if there is a difference between positive empathy and negative empathy. Furthermore, researchers study the effects of positive empathy, its affect socially, and emotionally on individuals. Methodology The Researchers test five separate hypothesis, on 597 different individuals including men and women of varying ages were recruited from an online participant management system called the, “Mechanical Turk Online.” Each participant was given a small monetary compensation for their participation in the research. In all three studies, after providing researchers with written consent, the participants proceeded to fill out questionnaires online. The researchers arranged three separate studies. The
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