Positive And Negative Features Of The Childhood Age Essay

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1. For what age child is this book most appropriate? Why?
The book is most appropriate for children between the ages five and seven because of its simplicity in diction and short syntax. Moreover, the overall message is something young children should know early in their lives.
2. Positive and negative features of the book.
Positive features of the book are the messages of unconditional love from the tree and the clarity of the text that covers a complex fable.
Negative features of the book include the ongoing selfishness from the boy and the continuous destruction of the tree.
3. What will a child enjoy most about this book?
A child will enjoy the drawings of the character the most since it depicts the development of the boy from childhood all the way to adulthood. In every page, the only drawings that are depicted are the boy and the tree, so that the background does not distract the reader from the main characters.
4. What will a child learn from this book?
A child will learn about the joy of giving to someone you love and about the risks of taking too much from someone that has always been there for you. The tree loved the boy so much that she gave him everything he needed, and the boy asked for too much which ended up killing the tree.
5. How does this book relate to the Social Emotional Development topics you have learned about in this class? (theories relating to risk and resiliency, attachment, moral development)
The Giving Tree is a book about a boy who
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