Positive And Negative Impact Of Technology

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In this era of technological excellence, people are continuously making this world more accessible. These developments are allowing us to connect and interact easily. Time and distance are not an obstacle in terms of exchanging information anymore. We are able to connect with anyone at anytime from a very long distance. This helps us maintaining our relations, communicate and gain information. Yet, many of these developments create stress, interruption, and isolation. While everyone is saying, this is a gift. In many cases, this is a malicious curse. Technology has its positive and negative impacts. There is no clear right or wrong side of this debate. But obviously, it has changed what used to mean appropriate social interaction. With the dramatic advances in amazing technologies and virtual communication platforms, technology is in every step of our life now. According to the International Telecommunication Union ( ITU), 3.2 Billion people were using the Internet by the end of 2015.while the world population was 7.4 billion, 69% of the population was covered under 3G coverage. shows that on average 40,000+ search queries are processed by Google every second, which means about 3.5 billion searches per day. Google used to serve 10,00 queries every day in 1998 but in this number became the number of queries served in every second of 2006. All these statistics show how extremely we are using technology to share information and communicate with each
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