Positive And Negative Impacts Of Children Essay

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As a human being, we cannot escape the fact that everything around us; friends, families, societies, and environments; affects our self-development. These influence may vary among different people, depending on several characteristics they hold such as age, education level, personal background and experiences, and many more. Among these, age is one of the strongest characteristics in a person that determine whether something can leave a deep imprint into the individual or not. Someone at a young age: children, will be multiple times more prone to be affected by their surroundings compared to someone older due to the fact that children are at a stage where they are critically developing the sense of who they are and where they can fit into the society. Positive atmosphere can help in developing a child with positive mentality and attitude, which is a gift for the future generation, whereas a bad influence at such a young age can create an obnoxious, negative character in the future. One form of influence that children cannot run from is racial stereotypes. The racial stereotypes in this context refers to the common idea the societies get when they see a specific racial group. This essay will be discussing the relationship between the stereotypes and children’s development, in addition to the future effects of exposing children to this stereotypes. First and foremost, children can easily be influenced by these stereotypes because they are at the stage where people around
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