Positive And Negative Impacts Of Children With Disabilities

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I found a lot a new thing in the readings and video that I haven 't thought about before. I 'm a little embarrassed that I have never thought about some of these things. I am a very independent person and that is something that was stressed to me my entire life as a valuable quality to have. I was always told make sure I get a job so I can support myself and move out of the house. I never once thought about staying with my parents or them moving in with me I had assumed everyone was taught the same.
Many young individuals with disabilities face a difficult period of doubt as they transition from childhood into adulthood, primarily in the area of getting employment and independent living. For youth with disabilities who have not been
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For some families, having a child with a disability may cause a lot of stress in the family. Families can experience stress from social discrimination and negative attitudes coming from stereotypes. Members of the community that have negative attitudes may not want to associate with youth with disabilities which may lower the chances of community participation and social inclusion. A family feeling embarrassed and ashamed may not participate in the community as often. Many families believe that their children need protection, therefore they take total control of the independence which can lead to lower self-esteem. This attitude prevents youth with disabilities from reaching their full potential. This could be a contributing factor as to why there is a lower number of youth living independently.
However, even with supportive families, many youths with disabilities face major challenges in the education system. As educators, we need to ensure that there is open communication with parents and we are listening to their wants and needs. Educators need to make sure that families fully understand their child 's disability. Families, parents, and caregivers of youth with disabilities are held back by the lack of information and knowledge on resources and services to support youth with disabilities. If families and youth don 't fully understand their disability they might not understand the educational and community
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