Positive And Negative Influences Of Working And Stay At Home Mothers On Children

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Positive and Negative Influences of Working and Stay-at-home Mothers on Children A child needs stable family connections with the nurturing presence of their parents, particularly their mother. Childhood is the most impersonating time of a person’s life which either makes or breaks a person. A mother is the direct source of influence and her ability to form a bond provides paternal security and nurturing children’s needs by a constant guidance throughout. There are several factors, situations, conditions and financial surroundings which help in influencing the children and help to generate long term benefits on upcoming generations. 1. Influences of Working Mothers on Children During the 1970-80s, the rate of working mothers was of lesser amount in comparison to working mothers today because staying at home with the children was just what women were supposed to do. Statistics showed, younger children used to have less working mothers because it was believed that initial years require maternal care more and nothing can replace it. Over the years, more and more women have joined the workforce in order to acquire a better income for their family. (Grossman n.d.). Today about three quarters of mothers are working during the beginning of their children’s lives while their children are at day care or are being looked after by someone else and this is mainly because most jobs only offer a short maternity leave. (David, 2013) About 41 percent of people, still do not favor the
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