Positive And Negative Reinforcement

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As kids grow up they begin to start learning more and more about themselves, and they typically act the way, they were raised, or the people or things they grew up around. I have three siblings, two older sisters and one younger. I learned that me, and my two older sister were raised differently than my little sister growing up. My younger sister is still eleven years old, and she still has time to develop. As children me and my two older sister never really acted the way she acts today. Yes, she is still young, however she has a lot of listening issues, and she seems to always want to do her own thing. She does things that can get herself into trouble with my mother, but she continues to do them anyway. First I will be analyzing and trying to figure out what kind of reinforcement will work to getting her to listen to us when we tell her to do things. Things like, homework: to be exact, chores, etc. Which reinforcement will work better positive or negative? I am arguing the theory that negative reinforcement is not as impactful as positive reinforcement. In my opinion I believe negative reinforcement would work better because I believe it is a harsher than positive reinforcement. I will then be analyzing what kind of parent my mom was to my younger sister compared to me and my two older sisters. Is she an Authoritative parent, Authoritarian parent, Permissive parent, or an uninvolved parent? My mother always had a rule in our house after a day in school. After a day in
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