Positive And Negative Role Of Political Parties In The United States

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Political Parties are a major pillar of the American political system. However, they were not always well received. During America’s fight to ratify the Constitution in 1787, James Madison wrote Federalist No. 10 that condemned “factions”. Madison feared that political parties would lead to corruption and concentrated power in a select few. Madison felt the best remedy was to have a broad range of political parties that represented many different interests. Founding Father George Washington also opposed political parties. In his 1796 Farewell Address Washington believed that political parties divided America and would lead to conflict. However, Washington and Madison wish for a lack of political parties seem unfulfilled in today’s society.…show more content…
In today’s system we have two major parties the Republicans, and the Democrats. Political Parties unite people with diverse political views. The Republican Party unites social and economic conservatives while the Democratic Party unites social and economic liberals. Members of political parties are divided into three groups; the party in the electorate (party voters), the party organization (party officials), and the party in governments (party members in government like Senators). Political Parties allow for politicians to work collectively to pass legislation by mediating conflict and simplifying goals. Further, voters can use political parties as labels to signal distaste or support for policies. However, political parties and interests groups are often confused. Both of these things are very different. Political Parties can nominate candidates, represent broad issues, and are heavily regulated these all differ from interest
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