Positive And Negative Stigma Of Offenders

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One of the hardest things for a recently released offender to do is to gain employment and to avoid or change the lifestyle that contributed to their criminality. Upon release, they will face economic hardship, a lack of social connections and a negative stigma about offenders that can help lead them into making decisions that will end with them reincarcerated and possibly never escaping from the criminal justice system. However, if an offender is offered help with these problems through a job placement program that would give them a job within a week of their release, this student believes that we can reduce the chances of their recidivism, help them overcome the negative stigma, form social connections and deal with the economic problems that come from being an offender. However, not just any program will do, it needs to be one that provides the employment to the offender quickly and provides it in a way that the employment is stable. Any program can promise lower recidivism and better economic and social options for the recently released, but with the a program that provides immediate employment after release, ones that are long-term and offer a wage that they can more than just survive on, we can potentially solve most of the problems mentioned and provide the offender legitimate means of self-sufficiency. These types of programs already exist in the private sector. One such example is the Center for Employment Opportunities’ Transitional Jobs program. This…
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