Positive And Positive Aspects Of A Business Program

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Positive Organisational Scholarship (POS) started from the University of Michigan in 2003. It is considered as a Macro-level study.
Cameron, Dutton & Quinn (2003) points out that POS is not symbolized by a certain theory or tactic, instead it tends to be defined by certain words, e.g. resilience, flourishing, meaning, virtuousness etc. Each of the terms (of POS) is considered separately to build a foundation level of understanding, to this new concept. Positive is described as providing a meaning to the workplace, understanding the positive energy and synergy in the surrounding environments. Organisational refers to the examination of change and positive deviant within a firm. Scholarship looks deeply at the relationships, developments and concepts within an organisation (Cameron et al., 2003).
Cameron et al. (2003) states that most studies that are concentrated with organisational change, lacks the study of the knowledge of positive relationships, states and processes, thus, POS was designed to fill in the gaps in these areas and make the notions visible to organisations and individuals.
In another study by Cameron and McNaughtan (2014), POS is expressed as a field of interest, to explore the relationship between an organisation and their employees. Its main objective is to “reveal positive capabilities and activities that lead to flourishing in organisations” (Cameron & McNaughtan, 2014, p. 446).
Cameron and McNaughtan (2014, p. 447) points out four components…
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