Positive Aspects Of Voluntourism

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Vacationers choosing to spend their limited holiday time and vacation budget journeying across the world to perform volunteer service are a very recent concept. Over the past 15 years, it has grown with such momentum that both non-profit organizations and for-profit advisory services and tour operators are scrambling to match many different agendas. I believe voluntourism is a great way to make you feel good, and make others happy. For the person who chooses to do this, it is a vacation-length commitment of time, personal energy, possibly a special skill, and money. Motivation of volunteer vacationers is rarely to accumulate career-building credentials or academic credits and kudos. In fact, many voluntourists deliberately select a project about which they are unapologetically without skill so they can learn something new.…show more content…
Though some advocates would prefer to ignore the tourism part of the word, it is key to the definition because it helps to define the scope and the expectations of what is offered and what is received. With rare exception, voluntourists pay their own expenses including a built-in contribution to the project for which they sign up. If the experience is positive, they also tend to donate more to the project once they have made a connection and sometimes even raise funds for it once they get back
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