Positive Association Between Mean Ses Intake Composition And School Mean Performance

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positive association between mean SES Intake composition and school mean performance. Bashir Sajitha, (1994); investigated as whether the greater managerial discretion associated with the private sector leads to high academic performance in Tamil Nadu. Sample size and instruments used in this study A multigrade sampling design was used, yielding on analytic sample of pupils in schools ( public school, 20, private aided schools and 20 unaided private schools.) located in five districts of state. A maximum of 25 students and five teachers per school were selected, using systemic selection with a random start. The largest sample was subjected to standardized tests in language and mathematics. These tests were based on class IV curriculum.…show more content…
Kingdon 1994; in her study found that in Uttar Pradesh, private unaided junior schools were significantly more cost-effective than either government or private aided junior schools. Surveying grade 8th students in 30 Secondary Schools in Luck-now in 1991, and controlling for student background characteristics and selection effects, it was found that students in private unaided junior schools performed significantly better on tests of reading and mathematics than students in government and private aided schools. White (1992); conducted a study to determine whether existing research allow us to answer a narrow but crucial question in the larger debate over educational choice. Are student achievement differences between public and private schools large enough to be of relevance to the policy debate over educational choice? To answer such a query, the author has analyzed the research based on High School and beyond study (HSB). The HSB study was based on random sample of approximately 1000 public and private schools. The study consisted of three waves of interviews, testing and data collection. The major findings of the study are, once public and private schools are statistically equated, they appear be produce similar gain in achievement, on average catholic school students, slightly scored higher in vocabulary and
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