Positive Attributes of Walmart

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Wal-Mart Introduction Wal-Mart, the largest private employer in the globe and the third among the largest corporations in the world, is known to apply a wide range of logistic and supply chain techniques in meeting the dynamic demands from their clients. Additionally, the need to stay at the top in the world of business has made this concept mandatory for the multinational organization. Wal-mart, in its drive to achieve these ends has presented a number of implications, not only to the organization but also to its clients and the society at large (Fishman, 2006). Various positive attributes, say the history of the corporation, its application of information technology and computerized systems and the culture of the organization has, to a great extent catapulted the organization to great heights (Keil & Spector, 2005). Other attributed that have been of help to the organization and its client base include the corporation's strong global marketing procedures, practical distribution networks and strategic geographical locations just to mention but a few. On the negative side of the corporations activities and performance include the likes of rapacious pricing, poor labour and employees relations and poor working conditions among others. The Positive Attributes of Wal-Mart On the positive front, Wal-Mart has over the years been applauded for a number of strategies responsible for the competitive edge the corporation enjoys over its competitors. The history of the
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