Positive Behavioral Intervention Essay

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Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports The Impact of Positive Reinforcement Sara Nino Dallas Baptist University Abstract I chose to research the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports approach to positive reinforcement. I wanted to find out if this approach taught temporary or long-term (positive) behavioral changes. I researched this approach and compared it to the Responsive Classroom approach. In order to determine its effectiveness, I looked at referral data at Nimitz High School provided around this time this last year, and compared it to its current numbers. While it showed beneficial changes last year, I found an increase in behavioral problems this year. I also attempted to look at the reasoning behind the …show more content…

I work at a school which implements P.B.I.S., also known as P.B.S. (Positive Behavior Supports). Our school P.B.I.S./P.B.S. goals include the following: * Reduction in referrals; * Encourage atmosphere of achievement; * Build upon the positive actions of the students; * Teach positive character traits; and * Instill a sense of community and school pride. Behavior is reinforced when one or more of the following Guidelines for Success (G.F.S.) are met: * Self-Disciplined * Trustworthy * Respectful * Organized * Neatly Dressed * Goal Oriented All students are encouraged to be Viking S.T.R.O.N.G. When a student is found to exhibit an S.T.R.O.N.G. characteristic by a teacher, administrator, or other staff member may reward them with a Viking Buck. This is based on their discretion but it is their responsibility to inform the student which G.F.S. they have met and why. In turn, the student may redeem their Viking Buck(s) and enter into a six week drawing for items such as a tablet, Beats, etc. Our school deans work closely with students who fall under secondary and tertiary prevention. They provided a one-on-one review of rules and expectations as well as behavioral contracts as needed. I was asked to join the P.B.I.S. committee early on, last year. It was a new program implemented at Nimitz High School. During that school year, the following

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