Essay about Positive Behaviour Support

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As Willert & Willert suggest, ‘positive behaviour supports developed through the implementation of simple reinforcement strategies…can have a significant influence on the social climate of an entire school.’ (As cited in Zirpoli, 2012, p. 257). With this in mind, this paper aims to analyse and compare the School’s management, welfare, and discipline policies with positive behaviour support models, specifically Mayer’s (1999) constructive discipline approach. The School reflects the view that the world is multifaceted and ever changing. If you only have one way for your classroom to ‘be right’ you are setting yourself up for continued frustration and failure. Skilled teachers understand that the classroom is a complex, unpredictable, messy,…show more content…
7). Education Queensland’s Code of School Behvaiour (Queensland Government, n.d.) has provided the framework on which the School’s Responsible Behvaiour Plan (RBP) is based, defining ‘responsibilities that all members of the school community are expected to uphold and recognises the significance of appropriate and meaningful relationships.’ (Queensland Government, n.d.). Eclectic in composition, combining theories, strategies and practices of several educational professionals, the aim of the RBP is to ‘develop a comprehensive policy and practice that meets the holistic and varied needs of all those in the school community.’ (School Policy, 2012, p. 8). Effective whole school rules and strategies are developed and practiced by all staff. These are universal strategies, referred to in tier one of the three-tier model of School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS). (Zirpoli, 2012, p. 329). The policy, in line with SWPBS states that ‘it is important that rather than follow a reactive approach to behaviour [the staff will] be proactive in dealing with inappropriate classroom and playground behaviours.’ (School Policy, 2012, p. 8). To ensure that this criterion is met, the School has incorporated desirable behaviours into their own hierarchy of social development. To create a common language and way of discussing
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