Positive Benefits Of Bilingual Education

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There have been many informative studies information regarding the advantages of learning two languages. Bilingualism is a continually growing issue in the United States. Being bilingual as a child enhances knowledge so steps taken to promote bilingual education are very important. Children are not exposed to bilingualism even though the benefits have been well established.
Dual Language education is increasing throughout the United States giving students at a young age an advantage over their monolingual peers. Different research studies resulted in a major success by proving that "bilingual children outperform monolinguals in a wide array of cognitive and language-based tasks" (Wallstrum 16). Dual language immersion is defined as fifty percent of the non-English is used for the instructional part of the day, and the other fifty percent is spoken in English. The purpose of these immersion schools is to promote fluency in the foreign language while also performing at their grade level in that language.
Parents are the main reason why kids in these modern times are only primarily speaking English. Many people have a strong opinion against the teaching of bilingualism in America, especially starting at a young age. The reason for this is their own ignorance. They fail to seek further information on the topic and see the positive benefits that result. The benefits of bilingual education surprisingly are not tolerated by everyone, and that is a big reason as to why it is not

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