Positive Benefits Of Soccer

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The audience went silent. The crowd locked their eyes’ on only two things, the soccer player and the ball. This was their last chance. If they score this penalty, they have a chance to move on into the finals. The player kept his attention on the ball. He ran towards it and kicked it with a powerful force, aiming it towards the soccer net. The audience threw their hands’ up with tears in their eyes’. The stadium now filled with passionate cheers as everyone jumped up and down from their seats. Soccer is the greatest discovery because; no other sport has the power to unite countries. It helps with promotion, which increases the financial situation of an economy. In addition, soccer is one of the fewer sports that does not discriminate. Anyone can enjoy the wonderful benefits of this sport. The sport started back with the ancient Greeks and Romans. According to an online website (The History of Soccer), they played games that involved using a ball and their feet. Back to medieval France, the French played a violent version of this sport called “la choule” which later on became banned. On the other hand, in medieval England, the English played a different version of the game that included the rules and laws of the sport. In the same article, in 1872, the first game was between England and Scotland. (The History of Soccer). The sport became popular that it spread across Europe and many other countries. The U.S. implanted their first soccer league in 1921. Unforgettable soccer

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