Positive Birth Research Paper

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A positive birth - defined by YOU.

Epidural? No epidural? With or without drugs? With a midwife or a doctor? We have no doubt that you’ve been told a million times already how you should give birth.



Let’s uncover what your version of a positive birth looks like.

GentleBirth focus on 3 core elements to help you and your partner prepare for your positive birth, your way.

Brain Training. Using Mindfulness, CBT, Hypnosis for birth and sports psychology we’ll help you “train” your brain to handle whatever comes your way on this big day!

Comfort Measures. With a full toolkit of handy items, you’ll learn how to implement techniques and skills learned at the workshop so that you and your partner can remain Calm, Confident and in Control.

Navigating your way. There is a maze of options out there! If you don’t know what birth path best suits your unique desires for birth, relax! After this 2 day intensive workshop you’ll have all of the information you need to set yourself up for the care path that fits you best!
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She has experience working in many birth settings from a home birth to a scheduled caesarean setting and just about every option in between. Choosing your Genltebirth Workshop in North Dublin gives you the opportunity to steal away with your partner in the luxurious setting of the City North Hotel to completely immerse yourselves in preparation for meeting your new baby. Like the flick of a magic wand, you’ll notice that by the end of the course all of your fears have turned to confidence and you and your partner will be prepared for whatever path your birth takes. Except it's not magic, it's just plain old
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