Positive Causes And Consequences Of The Russian Revolution

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What is a revolution?
A revolution is a complete radical and pervasive change in the structure of the economy and social structure. And it is mainly due to poverty, starving society, technology, and communication.

Russian revolution:

The tsar Nicholas II ruled Russia. Russia entered the World War I, under the leader Nicholas II. Russian involvement in the war compounded by problems and corruption and weak economy reduced the desperate straits. The Russian citizens were threatened because of the shortage of fuel and bread.
The Russian revolution took place in 1917 and it is a two in one revolution. One took
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The Russian Revolution widely spread Karl Marx’s economic idea of communism. As we know now, communism has not worked out in history but in the 1900’s it was a very popular idea. The Russian Revolution had many outcomes that were good and bad. The main positive effects are that the czarist rule comes to an end and gives workers and peasants the right to interfere in the Russian society. Moreover, after the revolution, Lenin created free education throughout Russia. Another positive effect was that Lenin made the eight-hour working day, which greatly improved working conditions. On the other hand, there are some negative effects resulting from the Russian revolution for sure such as the spread of communism around the world that was the reason for World War II. Another negative effect was that 15 million people die after the Bolsheviks and anti-Bolsheviks sweep Russia. After the revolution, people’s freedom was lost and people couldn’t read, write, or say whatever they want. People were also not allowed to celebrate religion as religious leaders were murdered and churches were destroyed.

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