Positive Characteristics Of Baseball

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The four seasons of the year come with many different memories or activities specific to them. With fall comes the start of school, cooler weather, football games, and changing colors on the trees. Winter comes with slippery roads, ice hockey, and hot chocolate while summer is a sign of freedom with rolled down windows and warm summer nights. Spring includes a multitude of sports and the sloshy winter signs slowly coming to a stop. Seasons have different meanings and recollections depending on the person you speak to.
Baseball is a sport that can be played from the time you are young until you are older. The focus of the game is to hit the ball far enough that you can run the bases. Once you get all the way around, your team scores a point. The team who scores the most runs, or points, wins the game. The teams can be made up of a number of players, but only certain ones are able to actually hit the ball.
For Ethan Slinger, spring means one thing to him: baseball season. He said, “It’s the time of the year where you get to grab your cleats and play a game you love with not just your team mates but also your family”. Although athletes are sometimes called “air heads” or “jocks” this is not the case for Ethan. He displays many good qualities that he learned from the sport of baseball. Some of those include: responsibility, leadership, approachability, and the importance of a positive attitude on and off the field. These introduced the option of becoming a team captain on his
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