Positive Correlation Between Test Scores And Academic Performance

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The studies revealed through various channels such as questionnaires, interviews, and academic evaluations of grades, found that the IELTS and TOEFL tests were not accurate or helpful measures of student English ability. The studies that did show a positive correlation between test scores and academic performance either had too few subjects to measure, or correlations too insignificant to validate. The Australian university that found a strong positive correlation between Chinese students’ test scores and GPAs found that later semesters did not reveal the same results. This is possibly due to Semester 1 courses being easier than later courses through their college career. A factor that must be considered is the students who are not accepted due to a low score (usually under 6.0) who may have had the potential to succeed in the field of their choice in higher education. Lastly, the financial aspect of losing possible international students due to a higher score required for acceptance causes questions concerning the importance of earning said scores. The evidence from this paper has shown that there is not a strong positive correlation between IELTS/TOEFL scores and higher education success regarding the English language as a guiding force. The following four studies reviewed took place in Australia. This is an English speaking country that expects many of the same requirements as other English speaking countries. Due to the increasing number of international…
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