Positive Effect Of Smaller Class Sizes On Education

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Positive Effect of Smaller Class Sizes on Education Every parent and teachers goal for their child and students is success. Both are always working towards better ways to achieve that goal. There is constant question if the material being used should be better or if teaching style should be changed, etc. What if all it took for students to succeed was reducing the student to teacher ratio? Well, it is just that simple. Smaller class sizes lead to more successful students. With fewer students in a class, the teacher is able to focus more on each student and their needs so they are able to further progress in their education. Smaller class sizes should be implemented throughout the United States to help our children better learn. Research has shown that smaller class sizes have a positive effect in the learning environment by encouraging students to participation more. According to Blatchford’s observations, he came to the conclusion that students in classes of 19 and less had more students start interactions with the teacher, in comparison to students in classes of 33 and more who instead had teachers starting more interactions (Folmer-Annevelink 31). With more teacher to student interaction, the individual needs of each student can be better met. Teaching environments that do not involve as much teacher to student interaction can negatively affect the educational success of the students. “…because larger classes are frequently associated with traditional methods of
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