Positive Effects Of Binge Drinking

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Binge drinking can also have an effect on pregnancy, it can cause damage to the foetus. It can have long-term adverse effects on the foetus, it can impair attentional skills and can lead to psychiatric disorders when the child grows up. Not only does binge drinking effect you but it can affect the people around them, it can have effects on their relationships with the opposite sex, can damage relationships with family and it can also affect your children, if your drinking is really bad then it can cause you to lose your children and they will go into care, it can also cause the children physical problems. From research it shows that 1 in 25 percent of pregnant women binge drink and 1 in 5 non pregnant women binge drink. Binge drinking
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In some cases, that are extreme, people can die from in taking too much alcohol in one single occasion or could have alcohol poisoning from having too much. Just like when people over dose on drugs people can stop breathing or even stop your heart which therefore means they have to go into hospital and they could be on their death bed. The main worry when people have and too much drink that they might choke on their vomit this is a problem because the more you drink the more vulnerable you are so you could find yourself in the middle of nowhere and they wouldn’t know what’s happening and could choke on their vomit and no one would be around to look after them and they could end up dying. Weight gain can be a massive impact due to the amount of calories alcohol contains if people are constantly binge drinking they are drinking more which equals to consuming more calories which can cause people becoming obese. Skin can also be damaged because alcohol dehydrates your body and skin, it widens blood vessels so makes your skin look all blotchy and red. Calcium can also be reduced in the amount that is taken in by a person because alcohol interferers with the body ability to absorb this calcium the body requires. Therefore, binge drinking can cause lasting damage on your physical health as well as the way you
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