Positive Effects Of Celebrity Worshipping On Society

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A celebrity is a famous person more often in areas about entertainment such as music, sports, films, and writing. Celebrity worship, on the other hand, involves an addictive and obsessive disorder where someone becomes excessively interested and involved in the personal life of a celebrity. The worshipping occasionally comes with either positive or negative effect depending on the behavior, and character one picks from such high profile personalities. In this research paper, we are going to focus on the negative and positive effects of celebrity worshipping on the society. When an individual becomes obsessed with a celebrity, it may lead to unhealthy and harmful qualities such as being disconnected with one’s self or…show more content…
Justin Bieber who started as an innocent young boy singing love songs later upgraded into taking alcohol and smoking marijuana even though he was not of age. Such kinds of practices can quickly be adopted by the massive number of followers they command, resulting in deterioration of morality. Many celebrities live lives that are pretty and glamorous, occasionally characterized by partying, drugs, drinking, and sex. Most of them receive leniency in the judiciary system which sends different pictures to the youths. Some who get locked up later come out and continue with their wild lives which lacks morality and any sorts of proper upbringing. This influences the teenagers towards violence (Ridings, 2013). An example of such a person is Vybz Kartel who commands a large following, and his music is filled with violence and obscene content. He was found guilty of killing someone and is now serving a jail sentence. Worshipping such kinds of people may instigate wrong behavior among the younger generation. Parents should take care and keep tabs on what their children are watching so as to avoid having them acquire the sinful habits. Personality identity is one of the things that has been dramatically impacted by celebrity worship. Women who are considered to be the sex that is more interested in celebrities are the ones significantly affected by personality identity (Northam, 2012). Stars are revered due to their looks hence the

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